Dave Jones

David studied English Literature at Durham University graduating with 1st Class Honours. His specialisms were the novels of Dickens, the poetry of Keats and Shelley, and the fin de siècle period. His dissertation explored Robert Louis Stevenson’s writings from the South Seas and the dichotomy between romanticism and realism in his writing. David also took a number of modules focused on Classical Literature, in particular the Tragedies of Classical Athens and the Homeric Epics. He has taught A Level Classics and English for the last 10 years at a high achieving Grammar school and have helped to prepare numerous students for Oxbridge interviews. In this time, he has taught, amongst others, ‘Hamlet’, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’, ‘Jerusalem’, William Blake’s poetry, ‘The Iliad’, ‘The Aeneid’ and the writings of Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides. Six years ago he completed a MEd in Teaching and Learning focusing my dissertation on the place for transferable skills within an academic curriculum. David was also successful in his application to become an Advanced Skills Teacher and in due course this led to him being promoted to Assistant Head with responsibility for Teaching and Learning. This role has seen David work with a huge number of teachers of all ages and levels of experience and expertise.