Bursaries & Fees

For 2017/18 our tuition fees are expected to be £9,000. Trainees on the School Direct Salaried route will receive a salary of between approximately £19,000 and £24,000, dependent on subject specialism.

Secondary Phase Training Bursaries Academic Year 2017/18   

Please see the table below for the list of training bursaries that were available for 2017/18. Please note that trainees under the School Direct Salaried scheme are not eligible for training bursaries.

The bursary paid to trainees will be linked to the subject in which they are being trained to teach (not the subject in which the degree is held) and the grade achieved at degree level. 

Subject 1st 2:1 2:2
Biology £15,000 £12,000 £10,000
Chemistry £25,000 £20,000 £20,000
English £9,000 £9,000 Nil
History £9,000 £4,000 Nil
Mathematics £25,000 £25,000 £25,000
MfL £25,000 £25,000 £25,000
Design and Technology £12,000 £9,000 Nil
Physics £30,000 £25,000 £25,000
Physical Education Nil Nil Nil
Drama Nil Nil Nil

Graduates with a minimum 2:1 in Physics, Chemistry and Maths are eligible to apply for a scholarship between £25,000 and £30,000 from the relevant subject association group.