Jonathan Evans

Jonathan Evans - MfL


I am currently Subject Leader of MFL (French and Spanish) in a boy’s Catholic comprehensive and have been for 6 years, as well as Co-ordinator of PSHE/ Citizenship for 8 years. I have previously completed Leading From the Middle (LFTM) and Leadership Pathways (LP) with the National College of School Leadership.  These have given me experience of education, leadership and management in different contexts. I hope to extend and challenge myself professionally even further in the future and complete the NPQSL.

I have worked intensively in the management of MFL methodology and particularly curriculum development. With the commencement of KS3 Spanish 5 years ago we now have an 82% uptake in Spanish at KS4 with both French and Spanish proving an extremely popular and engaging option post-14. I have also developed teacher and pupil leadership skills, led improvements in assessment systems which have complimented our tracking and intervention programme, and have also a wide range of experience in coaching and supporting new entrants to the profession (PGCE, NQT). I have led CPD sessions for MFL colleagues from other secondary schools and this has helped build up a supportive network of engaged, enthusiastic and committed professionals.

I make effective use of coaching with pupils to help address issues of underachievement and have set up a leadership programme within MFL and whole school to help support the personal, academic and social development of pupils. I believe that training a key number of staff in coaching techniques will be a very effective and cost effective way of securing improved standards in schools.