Nikki Bhatt

SLE for English

A Lead Practitioner at Carshalton High School for Girls, my role involves not only working within the English department but also developing professional practice across the whole school as part of the Teaching and Learning team.

As a SLE, I have several areas of expertise to offer schools:

  • An English specialist with a strong track record in securing excellent examination results and raising attainment in my own teaching groups and within the department. This has been achieved through the successful co-ordination of MAP (Maximising Achievement Programmes) in KS4 and in developing assessment practice in KS3.
  • An assessment leader with a professional interest in applying the rigour of researched pedagogic success to enhance classroom teaching and influence whole school teaching and learning strategy. From developing sophisticated tracking and monitoring systems that have been adopted by many Sutton schools and delivering INSET in conferences, LEA consortiums and departments, I have experience both in coaching leaders/teams as well as speaking to professional audiences within and beyond my school. I enjoy working with colleagues at every level, training student teachers, coaching classroom practitioners, developing MLT capacity and addressing SLTs and Head Teachers.
  • A transition facilitator, committed to reinvigorating dialogue between Sutton Primary and Secondary schools. Having undertaken outreach work amongst local Primary schools to model teaching and learning strategies that secure the highest attainment levels, I am able to facilitate liaisons that will benefit both feeder and Secondary schools, to share curriculum and assessment planning as well as participate in joint standardisation activities.