Stuart Godman

SLE for History


As part of my work to raise achievement, I have led colleagues across the Humanities disciplines in setting up targeted intervention sessions tailored towards key groups of students.  These have resulted in an impressive and measurable improvement in both attainment and progress in History and across the Humanities, which was recently identified as sig+ in all RAISE online groups.  

As a Lead Practitioner, I have a secure awareness of what constitutes outstanding teaching and a proven track record of supporting other staff in the development of their own practice.  Among other initiatives, I have set up a number of collaborative staff coaching programmes enabling colleagues to learn from their peers.  This has resulted in a lasting collegiate atmosphere and the emergence of History, Sociology and Geography as the three most consistently highly-subscribed and highly-achieving Key Stage 4 options.

Aside from this, I have experience of supporting colleagues from across the London Borough of Sutton, including through delivery of workshops on the use of assessment at Key Stage 3 as part of the Sutton LEA Assessment for Progress conference.  I have also led the National Curriculum Planning meeting for Sutton Heads of History, supporting them in tailoring their programmes of study to meet the requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum.