Debra Smith

Debra is Assistant Head teacher at Blenheim High School who has been teaching for 35 years. Debra is a graduate from the University of Kent in Canterbury in Physical Education and English. Within 3 years of beginning her teaching career she began teaching Design and Technology (textiles / food) as her second subject, accommodating a timetabling issue in a previous school. Within 6 years she became Head of technology effectively moving away from teaching PE. Technology has been her main subject for the past 29 years where she has introduced and developed specifically textiles technology teaching it to A level in 2 schools. D&T is an exceptional department at Blenheim whose results are consistently good – outstanding . Textiles was an outstanding performing subject in 2015/16 with (98%) of students achieving A*-C and 56% achieving A*-A. Highest ranked subject in the school.

Debra was Curriculum Area head of D&T for 8 years prior to joining the leadership team and taking responsibility for the teacher training at Blenheim. Her main current responsibilities incorporate teacher training (PCM), staff induction, curriculum reviews, middle leader support and training.

She organises and delivers professional studies programmes in conjunction with universities and induction programmes for trainee teachers and staff at Blenheim.

In conjunction with the current curriculum area head of technology a strong and varied subject knowledge HUB for teacher training for all areas of D&T are delivered at Blenheim. Blenheim also offers health and safety training accredited to and certified by DATA, delivered by our own in house consultant.