Modern Languages


Opting to train to be a teacher of MFL with the Sutton SCITT will equip you with the skills needed to teach a subject which gives pupils vital skills for their future, whilst also enabling them to be creative and active and to develop their knowledge of other countries and cultures

During the subject knowledge training we will focus on the teaching of French, German and Spanish. The training is held at Nonsuch High School for Girls, one of the leading state grammar schools in the country, with an outstanding record of both attainment and uptake in all modern languages.

We will examine the theory and practical elements of teaching a modern language, including issues such as the use of target language, the teaching of grammar, assessment for learning techniques and how to teach the four skill areas of listening, reading, writing and speaking. By the end of the course you will have a full understanding of current methodology in MFL teaching and the reasons behind it.

During your two contrasting school placements you will have the opportunity to put your learning into practice, observe experienced teachers and receive regular feedback and guidance from a dedicated mentor.

Tutor: Paul Johnson