We are excited to offer places in music for the first time in 2016/17

Music has the power of forming the character and should therefore be introduced to the education of the young (Aristotle)


In Music subject studies, trainees will have the opportunity to explore the creative and diverse nature of this subject.This forward-thinking programme will prepare you to teach music and music technology in an exciting and innovative way in line with national guidelines. Trainees will have the opportunity to discover a variety of teaching situations by exploring and sharing different traditions, teaching styles and materials. You will ascertain the different way in which pupils’ learn, understanding how music can powerfully impact on pupils creative, social and emotional development.

Music tutors are all excellent, experienced practitioners both in and outside of the classroom.  They are committed to the delivery of interactive and thought-provoking sessions and to promoting a strong collaborative ethos that allows you to learn with, and from, your peers by sharing materials, ideas and resources. We believe that good teachers are ever-evolving, reflecting and always seeking new tools to develop pupils as learners. The tutors will introduce you to all of these concepts to ensure trainees have a sound working knowledge of current music educational practice. You will be introduced to key literature, theories and current research in Music Education allowing you the opportunity to become a well-rounder educator. Trainees will be able to observe a wide variety of teachers and teaching styles at Glenthorne and have access to extensive resources both at Glenthorne and the Institute of Education.  The practice of music is at the heart of the course so trainees will have every opportunity to develop as musicians as well as music teachers.

Trainees will receive personalised support from the Music tutors throughout the course; both in the taught sessions and when on placement in the two contrasting schools. When on placements, you will have the opportunity to observe experienced teachers, as well as be supported by subject specific Music mentors where you will receive regular feedback and guidance.

Tutor: Kate Potts