I am thoroughly enjoying being part of the drama hub at the Sutton SCITT. I’ve found the course extremely fulfilling, creatively challenging and it’s great to feel that I can make a real and positive difference to children by engaging fully in something that I love. Drama is a subject that can occasionally be marginalised in education, but my experience on the Sutton SCITT is that drama is valued extremely highly here - and as such, drama is being used in every way possible to help teachers in all subjects become the best teachers they can be. To coin a well-known phrase - “I’m loving it”. Thank you.

Gail Lowe, Drama trainee, 2015-16

Professional Studies renews my energy, injects pace and inspires you for the rest of the week. The guest speakers provide perspective and support and helps you look back at your teaching in a critical way andlook forward to stepping back into the classroom

Emily Allen, Drama trainee, 2016-17