"This course has been a great programme for giving me the opportunity to get hands-on experience from the very start of term. This has been pivotal in providing me with the chance to watch, and learn from, skilled and knowledgeable practitioners in their environment, and then being able to rapidly transform this learning and apply it to my own teaching.

However, experience is not the only key factor that has impressed me about the Sutton SCITT. During the course, the level of support and professional guidance has been evident and effective throughout. Both the ‘Professional Studies’ and ‘Subject Studies’ have been invaluable in creating a solid pedagogical basis on which I can build upon during my placements."


"I trained to be a teacher through the School Direct programme.  I am really pleased that I trained using this route because I think that it gave me a better idea of what being a teacher was really like and the demands it places on your life.  Teaching is not just a job it is a way of life. Being a teacher isn’t just about delivering lessons, there is much more to it than that.  By training at one school for the majority of the academic year you have much more of an opportunity to experience school life, and what it means to be part of a school’s community.  I co-tutored a year 7 form group, ran revision sessions in the holidays for AS-Level students, and went on amazing school trips, including a day trip to Auschwitz with the Holocaust Educational Trust, and also a week long residential trip to Weymouth during Glenthorne’s annual Challenge Week.  Doing all of these activities allowed me to get to know students on an entirely different level.  Seeing them outside the classroom, and witnessing them experience new things is wonderful, and the impact this has on their lives. 

Glenthorne was a fantastic school to train in, not only is it a highly respected institution, it was also an extremely supportive and enriching environment to be in.  Not long after I started my training I knew that it was the school I wanted to work in.  I really connected to its high standards and expectations, I am absolutely thrilled to have been given a job here.  One of the fantastic features of School Direct is their commitment to retaining their trainees within the alliance."