Modern Languages


"We all learn the ‘concepts’ very quickly – the hard part is putting them into practice, under pressure and daily. Being in school right from the start allows us to get a lot of observation and practice, which we then reflect on during our Professional and Subject Hubs at the end of the week. The Professional and Subject Tutors are all excellent teachers, and the small Subject Hubs allow focused and deep reflection which really helps our practice right from the start."

Liz Mayorga, now in her second year teaching at Whitgift

"I have found the Professional Studies sessions to be of invaluable support during my training year. The sessions given by guest speakers from other schools hav been particularly beneficial, and the support and advice from the SCITT organisers have really helped me move forward in my training"

Jodianne Griffiths, MfL trainee, 2016-17

"The training year with Sutton SCITT was extremely rewarding and it helped me develop an even greater passion for the teaching profession. My training challenged me and built up my resilience, and the Sutton SCITT team and my fellow trainees provided invaluable support throughout my journey. I enjoyed the mix of Subject Hub training, Professional studies and two contrasting school placements. Now I feel well prepared to go into my classroom each day and deliver engaging lessons to my students." 

MfL trainee, 2017