'The Sutton training route proved perfect for my circumstances as I was a career changer.  It meant that I was able to crack on and start learning my craft as a teacher without needing to consider a part-time job.  The school training here at Glenthorne is fantastic for two main reasons. Firstly, it is a truly outstanding school that carries the teaching and learning of its students at its heart and every decision and policy stems from that.  This means that the priorities are in the right place.  Secondly the support you will receive is tremendous.  You will always have someone to turn to either in your department or from the teaching school when you are seeking advice about teaching or for help finding that work-life balance.  The workload is challenging, but this is the best place to prepare you to face it, and to face it with confidence knowing that you have been trained by outstanding practitioners in their field.' 

Biology trainee

"I chose Sutton SCITT after great recommendations from previous students and have not been disappointed.  The instruction and guidance has been diverse and detailed.  The support offered by the team second to none.  There is a great atmosphere at training days and everyone on the course helps pull together to get the most out of the training.  Sutton SCITT is a great place to study and highly recommended." 

Chemistry trainee

"I have really enjoyed the Sutton School Direct programme because it has allowed me to feel a part of a school community from day one. The structured weekly tasks have equipped me with the skills and confidence to get the most out of my time  spent teaching in schools. The variety of support, guidance and tuition that the scheme has offered me has made the transition into teaching not just smooth but also thoroughly enjoyable."

Biology trainee