Course Structure

The training is made up by four core inter-related elements which enable you to develop the practical skills, theoretical knowledge and reflective thought process required to be an outstanding practitioner.

1. Subject knowledge

Each week whilst you are not on placement you will receive a full days training on pedagogy and practice in your subject equipping you to teach your subject at each Key Stage. All subject sessions are hosted in our specialist subject hub schools and led by outstanding practitioners in their subject.

2. Professional Studies

The Professional Studies programme will provide you with the generic skills all teachers from whatever discipline require to be successful in the classroom. You will join a group of trainees from across different subjects to concentrate on behaviour management, lesson planning, Special Educational Needs etc. The session will be led by our Specialist Leaders in Education for ITT as well as expert external speakers and will focus on you sharing your experiences and ideas as well as reflecting on the literature.

3. Professional Practice supported by a school based mentor

Although you will begin in a school from the first day in September you will not begin teaching at this point. You will spend some time observing experienced teachers and will have a phased introduction through small group teaching, part-lesson teaching and then full lesson teaching. You will have two formal periods of professional practice in which you will take on the role of a practising teacher with curriculum and pastoral responsibilities. Whilst on professional practice you will be supported by your school based mentor who is responsible for supporting your development. We view this mentoring as being central to school centred initial teacher training and our school mentors have all undergone extensive training which enables them to support you as a coach, role model, trainer, critical friend, assessor, target setter, encourager and supporter.






4. Written Tasks and Assignments

A core skill of a teacher is the ability to undertake action research, work independently and reflect on their work in a way which allows them to improve on their practice. In order to help you meet the Teachers’ Standards each week you will be required to complete short tasks which will enable you to develop your understanding of what it means to be an outstanding teacher.