Our collective purpose is to create ‘joint practice’ based on generosity and reciprocity which will support all colleagues in our alliance to work for the best interests of our schools and our children. Central to this purpose is the training and development of colleagues in our Alliance. Our work is therefore centred on the following areas:

  • Initial Teacher Training. Our route via Stton SCITT provides outstanding training for entrants into the profession whether salaried or training.
  • All types of professional development, whether short courses, longer courses, twilight opportunities or bespoke programmes.
  • Developing the next generation of leaders for our schools through training programmes and practical experience
    Support for schools tailored to the need of the individual school. This can include major support across all areas of achievement or smaller more specific areas of support. Our National Support School Associate Team,
  • Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) are available for this, as are other outstanding professionals, both at senior level and classroom practitioners (often Lead Practitioners).
  • Support for research work through our MA programme, national initiatives led by NCTL and local action research projects.

Glenthorne High School, the lead school in the Alliance has a long history of supporting CPD, ITT and school-to-school support as the lead school in the 5 school Sutton Schools’ Training Consortium. This longstanding relationship between the Sutton schools and local universities has served to create a local learning community underpinned by a continuous drive for improvement and excellence in all aspects of school life, both internally and externally. The impact of our work can be clearly seen by the significant improvement in learning and teaching and examination results within our community of schools.