Welcome to Sutton SCITT

The Willow Learning Trust was accredited a SCITT in June 2014 and has since developed a highly successful Initial Teacher Training Programme which has trained over one hundred and fifty teachers. Sutton SCITT is part of the Sutton Secondary School Teaching Alliance which has the collective purpose to jointly develop best practice in all schools so all students receive the highest quality teaching. Central to this purpose is the training and development of colleagues in our Alliance from beginner teacher to senior leader.

The Willow Learning Trust comprises of Glenthorne High School, an outstanding National Teaching School with a national reputation for high quality training and Aragon Primary School, highly popular in the local area, known for its excellent teaching and commitment to professional development.

'The Deputy Head of my school, who was my NQT assessor, said that I came across as having several years of teaching experience rather than just having recently trained'

Modern Languages trainee, now in her first year of teaching


"To paraphrase my colleague Jack Whitehead (another veteran of Sutton SCITT 2016-17), this will be one of the best, toughest years of your life.

There will be many highs. The job itself is very rewarding, much (if not all) of the time. You will make great friends as you skip, cry, laugh and trudge along the road to qualification. You will gain the satisfaction of completing a demanding programme and learning some brilliant new skills. You will also see some great teaching and are likely to be impressed by the generosity, resources and nuggets of pedagogical wisdom from other teachers. Finally, you will become a great teacher as a result of this training."


Lucy Killgren, an English trainee, 2016-17